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Think about all of the things you spend money on. Some things are critical to living such as food, a roof over your head, and clothes to wear. However, as a whole, we tend to spend money on some things that are unnecessary, and then feel like we don’t have enough money to invest in our health. As the new year really gets started, you may be taking a look at your finances and finding places to cut out excessive spending. While this is a great idea to help you save money, you should make sure that you are not cutting out your health!

Why Should You Invest in Your Health?

The biggest and most obvious reason that you should invest in your health is that you only get one body! This means that keeping it healthy should be your top priority. Another great reason to take care of your body now is that you may not have taken the best care of it in the past. Whether it was all the sugary snacks you ate as a kid, or the one too many drinks you had in college, most of us could stand to make up for an unhealthy period during our lives. The other reason you should invest in your health is that the investment will pay off, BIG! When your mind and body are healthy, you’ll feel better! You may even find that you have a whole new outlook on daily life.

Ok, But HOW do I Invest in My Health?

A Mindset Change

One dangerous habit that many people have developed is looking at food by counting calories. Counting calories is great for some, but other people “allow” themselves to have 1600 worth of “bad” calories per day in the form of fast food or packaged snacks high in saturated fat. While still staying within their calorie goal, what these people will find is that they aren’t feeling as well because their body is not getting the nutrients and energy that it needs to function from greasy french fries!

“Splurge” on healthy groceries

It’s no secret that healthy foods are oftentimes more expensive than unhealthy foods. That’s why “splurge” is in quotation marks. This is not to say that you have to completely switch your grocery list to expensive organic options. The first step is to fill your cart with whole foods. Many studies have reported that you’ll find these on the perimeters of your grocery store (think fresh produce, lean meats, and dairy). The key to success is to still indulge in some of your favorite foods. If you cut out all of your favorite foods at once you may succeed for a few days and then end up over-indulging in foods that you have missed.

Schedule wellness appointments

When you’re making a lifestyle change such as working to make improvements to your health, it is important to remember to keep everything in balance. This relates back to easing into a healthier diet and a mindset change. Scheduling a wellness appointment can help you get professional advice on how to implement these changes to get you on the road to a healthier life. Sometimes having someone to check-in with can help you stay motivated. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with an expert in healthcare who is providing you with quality advice.

Investing Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Some people are deterred from the idea of investing in their healthcare because they think that it is expensive. In the age of expensive health supplements, this is a valid concern. However, mental and emotional wellbeing is a huge part of investing in your health that doesn’t cost any money. In addition to changing your mindset as we discussed here, you can work on having a positive attitude towards your health and wellness. This will help with motivation on days when you’re feeling stuck or when you’re between wellness-check-ins and it doesn’t have to cost any money.


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