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Please direct all billing inquiries to our Physicians Billing Office (PBO) – 304-422-8112

Paying Cash

We understand that not everyone has health insurance or, if you do, sometimes it’s more affordable to pay out of pocket. Quality Care Associates Urgent Care and Wellness Center accepts cash payments and offers reasonable self-pay rates including a discount for prompt payment.

Insurance Co-Pay

Your co-pay is the fixed amount set by your health insurance company that you pay for medical care. This is usually collected at the time you receive your medical services. An urgent care co-pay amount may be different than the amount you would pay for a doctor’s office or ER visit.

Some insurance carriers have preferred, in-network, health care companies they want you to use. This can include urgent care. If this is the case, the amount of your co-pay may be higher for visiting an out-of-network provider (even if there is s specific co-pay amount printed on your insurance ID card).

CLICK HERE to view list of insurance accepted at Quality Care Associates Urgent Care and Wellness Center

Insurance Deductible

Many health insurance plans include a deductible. This is the amount you pay for health care before your insurance begins to pay. This means that you are responsible for 100% of your medical care costs until your deductible amount is met. After that, you and your insurance company will both share in the cost depending upon your specific plan with your insurance company.

Work Related Urgent Care Visits

Sometimes an injury or illness is work related. In these cases, your employer or your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will be billed for services authorized in advance by your company. For your convenience we do our best to work directly with your employer in order to process the work related claim.

Keep in mind that injuries or illnesses that happen at work cannot be combined with visits that are non-work related due to state and federal regulations. If you have healthcare needs in addition to your work related visit, we will schedule a separate visit for you and gather your personal insurance information.

Contact your insurance provider if you have questions or need to verify coverage in advance of your urgent care visit. They can provide answers and offer more information regarding your personal coverage, deductibles, co-insurance or co-pays.

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