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Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or simply live a healthier lifestyle, setting goals is a great place to start. When you take the time to set goals for yourself, you are making yourself aware of the things you want to achieve and hopefully making these things a priority in your life.

Make a general list.

The first step in setting your wellness goals is to make a general list of the things that you want to achieve related to your health and wellness. This is just a general list, so you should jot down any ideas that come to mind. Some ideas may include increasing water intake, adding fruits or vegetables to every meal, or increasing your daily activity level.

Narrow your list.

The next step in setting (and more so achieving) your wellness goals is to narrow the list. While having multiple goals is great, when you are first starting your wellness journey it can be easier to prioritize one or two goals rather than a whole list of goals. This allows you to narrow your focus and put all of your energy into one or two aspects of your health that you would like to improve.

Post your goals in a central location.

Once you have determined your one or two wellness goals, you should either write them down or print them out and post them in a central location where you will see them frequently. Posting your goals in a central location such as above your desk or on your mirror will serve as a subtle reminder to you anytime you glance at them!

Create an accountability plan.

Creating an accountability chart is a great way to document your progress towards your goals at home. There are a lot of free accountability charts available online for download, or you can make your own! If you keep a health and wellness journal, you can also track your progress towards your goals in it as well.

In addition to tracking your goals at home, scheduling appointments with a wellness provider is a great way to set appropriate health goals and hold yourself accountable. Click here to book an appointment with QCA!

Set reminders.

If you are on your phone constantly, why not set a few reminders throughout the day with regards to your wellness goals? If one of your goals is to increase your water intake, set a reminder for every two hours and make it your goal to finish your entire water bottle before the alarm goes off. If technology isn’t your thing, you can always leave yourself notes as a reminder.

Go Easy on Yourself!

Another essential part of goal setting is that you have to go easy on yourself! While consistency is important, you have to find a balance between holding yourself accountable and being too tough on yourself. When you start a new habit, you’ll have days when you don’t meet the goal, and that is okay. It is important to remind yourself that you wouldn’t have set the goal if you were already doing these habits in your daily routine! It is okay to have bad days but remember to get back on track eventually.


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