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Whether we like it or not, flu season is here. The flu is easily spread from person to person, so it is important to know all the measures you can take to be proactive when it comes to avoiding this year’s flu.

Get your Flu Shot!

This is the first step in preventing the flu. The CDC reccomends getting the flu shot before the end of October in order to be ready when the heavy part of flu season hits. Stop by QCA today to get your flu shot!

Pay Extra Attention to Hygiene

Daily hygiene is critical to avoiding the flu during flu season. These are all tips that you have heard since you were a kid, but they still hold true! The first of which is to wash your hands frequently. This is important whether you are at work, school, or just hanging out at home. Our hands can spread germs quickly so it is important to keep them clean!

If you find yourself coughing, it is important to cough into your elbow in order to avoid spreading germs. Additionally, if you are sneezing, you should be your nose and mouth to avoid spreading germs. Be sure to wash your hands after you cough or sneeze to avoid spreading germs to the surfaces and people around you.

Something else that falls into the category of good hygiene is avoiding touching certain your face including the eyes, nose, and mouth. These are areas that you definitely want germs to stay away from!

Stay Home When You’re Sick

Whether you are in the workforce, a student, or thinking about your kids, it is important that if anyone in your family is sick with the flu that they stay home! This will be best for the person who is sick because they will have a chance to rest and recover and you will also prevent the spread of the flu

Disinfect Frequently

When thinking about things that you are touching a lot, you should be wiping them down with sanitizing wipes frequently! This could include things like doorknobs in your home or workplace. Don’t forget about other items you are constantly reaching for like your cellphone! Lastly, when you head to the grocery store be sure to wipe your cart down to avoid touching other people’s germs.

Stay Healthy!

It is important to continue living your healthy lifestyle into the flu season. This means drinking enough water and making sure you are getting all of your daily fruits and veggies! Keeping your body in it’s best health will help you to avoid the flu and in the case that you get the flu, you will be able to fight it off easier!


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