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There’s a lot of hype around Cool Sculpting and for good reason! Cool Sculpting is a great way to eliminate unwanted body fat. Most people schedule it to be completed on a lunch break since the appointments are so quick. Not to mention you can multi-task during the treatment. Some of our clients enjoy reading a book or catching up on emails while the treatment is working its magic. But who exactly qualifies for Cool Sculpting?

People on a Fitness Journey

Whether you are working out to get fit, maintain your current level of fitness, or just to help your overall health, there is often a certain area of body fat that just won’t go away. It’s no secret that working out for a certain “part” of your body (think love handles) doesn’t work. You have to train your whole body, and even then sometimes you don’t see the results as quickly as you would like. If you have an area of your body like this, cool sculpting can supplement your current exercise regimen to help you see quick results!

People Who Want to Feel More Confident

While you should definitely feel confident in your body just the way it is, sometimes a little change can go a long way towards your overall confidence. Maybe you have always struggled with a little extra fat on your arms and you want to be toned for that upcoming spring break trip or you simply want your clothes to fit a little better. Cool Sculpting is a great way to fix these little parts of your body that don’t seem to respond to exercise.

People who are Ready to Treat Themselves

Have you ever wanted to take a risk with your appearance but never indulged yourself? Cool Sculpting is a great way to eliminate a double chin or trim some of the fat underneath the buttocks area. These aren’t areas that you necessary work out to fix, so treating yourself to a treatment is definitely worth it!

People Ready for a Spa Date

Did you know that both men and women can benefit from Cool Sculpting? As a matter of fact, you could even schedule a spa date for the two of you and you could both get your “problem areas” cool sculpted together! It’s a quick treatment, so there is nothing to stress or worry about. You can both sit back and relax while enjoying quality time together. You’ll leave feeling better than when you came in and after a couple of treatments you’ll see that your problem areas have disappeared.


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